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chords in a circle

The Bertrand Paradox Is Hardly a Paradox

Three different answers for the same math problem? Something's wrong... 11 Jan 2024 5 min read
students walking into campus

University EA Groups Need Fixing

A summary of my experience in Effective Altruism and why I resigned as President of Columbia EA... 3 Aug 2023 15 min read
Human brain with countries painted on head

Emotivism and Error Theory

What is cognitivism, emotivism, and error theory? What do I make of all these metaethical theories? 16 Jul 2023 7 min read
Experience Machine

Utilitarianism and the Experience Machine

A summary of my views on utilitarianism, and why I think Nozick's Experience Machine fails to disprove utilitarianism... 20 Nov 2022 8 min read